Eagle Generation is an Information Technologies company that stands out with its expertise, experience and dynamic staff in the rapidly growing Information Technologies sector.

We manage our customers' data, infrastructure and cloud environment in line with new technologies in their digitalization journey and increase the value of their Information Technology (IT) investments. The focus of our activities is to provide our customers with an innovative, uninterrupted and quality service. We provide high availability with proven expertise to our customers operating in different sectors such as retail, logistics, textile, tourism and manufacturing.


Cloud Computing

It is quite difficult for your information technology infrastructure to adapt to the constantly changing demands. This can be solved by providing the right cloud solution that fits your business goals. Our certified cloud engineers design a flexible and scalable cloud solution for you that will meet your long-term business goals and specific requirements, adapt to future growth and downsizing, and carry the information technology burden of your business.

Take advantage of Eagle Generation's expertise without worrying about hosting, migration, configuration, increased costs, stress and the time it takes to manage them with our private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.


To manage your apps and cloud infrastructure, server and storage data processing centers that require complicated software and installation, that require a specialized technical team to configure, develop, test, implement, and backup environments without the need for Eagle Generation to use the hosting service. In this way, you can guarantee your hardware in IBM's high-security data center by getting rid of the burdens and extra costs of running your own data center.

Disaster Recovery

In order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business applications and business continuity against unexpected problems, we instantly back up a copy of your entire working system to our own data centers or to a data center of your choice. We provide fast and secure recovery of your data, applications and systems.

Our team of certified experts evaluates your IT environment, designs the most appropriate High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution for your business needs, and saves you from unnecessary expenses. Your critical business data, applications and systems are fully managed in on-premises, co-located and cloud environments with Eagle Generation's Recovery Cloud. Backup Cloud meets all your needs with low recovery time targets (RTO's) and recovery point targets (RPO) requirements that are compatible with your business continuity strategy.

Managed Services

Take advantage of our Flexible Managed Services to avoid risks, reduce your costs, and set yourself a predictable path while focusing on your core business activities and return on investment.

  • Minimize waits and time losses by communicating directly with our certified expert team who knows your business, your working environment and your goals you want to achieve. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a day to support your operations and help you with anything you have in mind.
  • Accelerate your end-to-end IT journey with our consulting service that addresses the most complex infrastructure, network and security compatibilities.
  • We ensure that your SQL services are constantly accessible and that the databases work with the goal of zero loss-maximum speed. Our experts ensure that the best methods are applied in the design and development processes of your database, parts that are not suitable for performance and standardization are reported and the necessary actions are taken.
  • In accordance with your software and hardware needs, we offer the most appropriate solution for your business, taking into account your existing resources.
  • We constantly monitor your system and analyze the outputs and take the necessary actions to ensure that you do not experience downtime and poor performance as a result of problems caused by your IT infrastructure in your business processes.

Professional Services

There is a lot to be done and change is difficult. We can make this easier.

Take advantage of our infrastructure services, from applications to networks and security, so that your IT team can focus on core business initiatives and have time to develop innovation-oriented projects. Our architects and engineers work in collaboration with your IT team as a reliable partner to solve complex problems, identify your IT needs, and design solutions that best fit your business needs with their efficient and scalable analysis.

Wherever you are in your IT journey and wherever your data is located, we know what to do next to help you achieve your goal and move forward with the right steps.


Reliable connectivity is more important than ever for modern businesses. Data volumes are growing exponentially, and organizations need networks that can keep up with this growth. Eagle Generation's connectivity solutions provide fast, flexible and secure access to your infrastructure, content and applications.

We offer an on-demand and fully managed connectivity service that enables connectivity globally, regionally, and locally across offices, data centers, remote locations, and the cloud. Our global, cloud-based infrastructure provides connectivity and security services from all over the world.

Eagle Generation provides flexible and dedicated connectivity to our fully managed global multi-cloud network. Our team of professionals design high-performance, scalable, and secure multi-cloud service solutions for Microsoft Azure, IBM, and more.

Barcode Systems

With its experienced staff under the Eagle Generation brand, it has succeeded in making a big difference in the sales of Barcode Printer, Barcode Reader, handheld terminals in barcode systems and especially in the technical support service quality it offers after sales and has gained the loyalty of its customers.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our creative, result and customer-oriented structure and face-to-face working principle, with our technical and sales team, who are completely expert on customer satisfaction, that can solve every request with company-specific product / service development and innovative solutions.



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